20 non-candy easter egg filling ideas

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First and foremost let me start by saying I have nothing against candy. I happen to love it- I just don’t want my kids to have a basket with nothing but sweets on Easter day (we get enough of that on Halloween!) Here’s a quick list I came up with of alternatives to stuff in those sweet little plastic eggs:

  1. Stickers (and don’t forget to checkout our post on 10 ways to learn and play with stickers here!)
  2. Money. Dollar bills and even spare change make the hunt exciting for older kids, too!
  3. Shopkins. Kids love collecting these things!
  4. Mini stamps
  5. Fashion jewelry
  6. Sticky hands (these are always a hit!)
  7. Mini cars (regular size cars may not fit)
  8. Bouncy balls
  9. Mini erasers
  10. Small animal figurines **This is my favorite idea. We use these all the time in preschool activities and play!
  11. Whistles
  12. Finger puppets (these are perfect for sensory bins and pretend play!)
  13. Notes – a special verse, jokes, or even a little doodle can be a sweet surprise in eggs!
  14. Washi tape (great for crafts!)
  15. Fun zipper pulls (fun, useful, and REALLY adorable)
  16. Mini flashlight
  17. Shoelaces
  18. Key Chains (we’re partial to these Dr. Seuss ones)
  19. Temporary tatoos
  20. Confetti- Check out how to make cascarones and fill them with confetti here!

What will you be filling your kid’s eggs with?Leave us more ideas in the comments below!

20 non-candy easter egg filling ideas

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