Scooter bowling- what a fun activity to do with kids!

My boys just got their first Micro Kickboard scooters and they are IN LOVE with them. Playing with their scooters has become their first activity choice each day and that makes me one happy mama because scootering is a great way for my growing boys to developing balance, coordination, and self-esteem in their physical capabilities. If this is something that you like the look of then you should probably check out something like this best kick scooter here. As a homeschooling family, you usually see us focusing on growing our minds and learning together, but growing our muscles and developing gross motor skills are just as important to us! And of course we had to come up with new way to play with our scooters (while also getting a little bit of math skills in):

Scooter Bowling!

We received two Mini Deluxe scooters from Micro Kickboard to review, but the kids have loved them so much that I actually bought a third one for our two year old! I didn’t think he was ready for a scooter yet, but once they arrived he was a pro! I knew all three of my boys would need a scooter of their own so we now we are the proud owners of THREE Micro Kickbords 🙂 Woohoo!


To play scooter bowling, all you need is a set of play bowling pins and a scooter! I set up the pins and told my kids the goal: knock over as many pins as possible! They didn’t need any more explanation- they were all over it!

Scooter bowling- what a great outdoors activity for preschoolers!

As soon as the pins were lined up, my kids were racing down the hill and steering to knock down as many pins as possible! The scooters have a unique lean-to-steer design which my 3 and 4 year olds picked up quickly- I was pretty impressed with their steering and aiming skills! (side note: the lean-to-steer design is really neat! It makes scootering similar to surfing or skateboarding where kids use their body weight to steer, not the handles of the scooter.) Scooters are an awesome activity for kids of all ages. They grow up so fast don’t they? One day they are playing scooter bowling, the next your looking for moped insurance for 16 year olds. Time flies so all time spent with them is extra precious. They had a great time showing off those moves to me in this fun bowling game! Sometimes I made it more challenging by placing the pins further apart, and other times I set them up close together so they were easy to knock over. We even had both the kids aiming for them at the same time! Watching the children play their own version of bowling can make you a little envious, I just wanted to be at a bowling alley! If you adults are lovers of bowling, check out Skilled Bowlers for some of the best bowling balls and tips out there!

Scooter bowling- what a great outdoors activity for preschoolers!

We incorporated basic math skills by counting how many pins were knocked down, how many were left standing, comparing if there were more up or down, etc. I know older kids in particular don’t always want to work on academics in the summer, but incorporating math naturally into games like this is a great way to avoid the summer slide.

In case you are not comfortable with the idea of your children knocking out pins using scooters, you can go with the traditional approach of using bowling balls. And if you wish to see them play like professionals, you can consider looking into websites like and similar others and maybe get the ball you like for them. Or you can leave the choice of choosing the ball or scooter to them.

The scooters performed beautifully for my 2, 3, and 4 year old boys. I truly can’t speak of them highly enough. You can feel the quality of the scooters right away- the wheels and deck are shock absorbing to make for a smooth and safe ride for even my two year old, that’s impressive! And, as if I need yet another reason to love them, all the parts are replaceable! That’s a big perk for us because my kids are active and I have peace mind knowing that these scooters can stay in our family for a loooooong time!

What’s your favorite feature of the Micro Kickboard scooter? Share a picture of your scooter fun with Munchkins and Moms and Micro Kickboard on Instgram!

Scooter bowling- what a fun activity to do with kids!

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