If you all are anything like me, you like to stock up when you find a good deal: Toys (I’ve got a closet of gifts saved up!), Shampoo (I think I’m good ’till 2017) and potatoes…

Do you ever find yourself at the 99 Cent Only Store (crafty mamas congregate here) and see an entire 10 pound bag of potatoes for $1?! Yeah. I’m a sucker for a deal, so I stock up. And when I am sick of potatoes, I get crafty with them 🙂

Potato stamps! What a simple way to paint with preschoolers!

I wanted to get a picture of making the stamps, but most of our activities happen when Hubby is working (and taking pictures of myself is not a task I excel at).  However, the stamps are easy to make. Take a raw potato and cut out shapes you like. I chose easy shapes like rectangles and squares. The star was done with the help of a cookie cutter.

Now I’m sure you could use a stamp pad for the project, but I don’t have any (I’m waiting for a good sale to stock up on them). So I used poster paints from the dollar store (see this painting project where I used the same poster paint!). They worked beautifully 🙂

Potato stamping activity

I used a bib to keep Cannon’s shirt clean and a plastic tablecloth to keep the table neat. If you’re concerned about messes, please make sure to use WASHABLE paints! The ones from the dollar store didn’t specify, but mixing a small drop of dish soap into the paints makes splatters come off much simpler 🙂

Potato printing- a classic kids activity!
Cannon had such a good time, he made three pictures in one day! And we love to show daddy our artwork when he gets home, so I make sure to display it where we can enjoy for the next few days (or until our next art project comes along to take its place of honor on our walls!)
Kids art wall with Washi Tape

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