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Hello, Fall! Except, our fall does not consist of beautiful trees or leaves that change color :-/ I wish we had a real fall season! Instead, we like to enjoy the experience through fall activities (check out our “Invitation to Draw Fall Leaves” post). Confession of this mom-blogger: This was the first sensory bottle I’ve ever made. Yup, they are ever popular and I had never made one. One of the reasons was I couldn’t find the right bottle (it has to have a wide mouth). When I finally found this Voss water bottle (the plastic, not the glass ones), I was ready to go!

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I put all the supplies into a large tub (I knew we would have spills and this was the best way to contain it all), and invited my boys to begin.


The boys happily surprised me and starting counting the leaves as they added them in! Score for integrating math into this activity! I have to say, the best part for them was adding the water, though 🙂


When they were through filling it with water, we tightened the lid. They were mesmerized shaking it up and watching the leaves fall! My favorite thing to do was spinning it around and watching a leaf tornado form!


Of course they weren’t satisfied with just making this bottle once- they carefully dumped out the water to re-make it several more times.  (Talk about bang for your buck! Making this sensory bottle lasted a good hour!)


This was a fantastic way to practice pouring skills. The kids were self-motivated to dump and fill their bottle as many times as I would let them. When they were finally finished making their bottle, I simply hot glued the lid shut so we could enjoy it mess free 🙂

Invitation to make a fall sensory bottle. A great preschool project!

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