Before I start this post, I should explain what “cascarones” are. I come from a Mexican family, so they have always been an Easter tradition that I LOVE, but many people who aren’t as geographically close to Mexico as we are may not know about these fun little eggs. Cascarones are emptied out egg shells filled with candy, money, flour, or confetti. They are dyed and decorated just like regular hard boiled eggs would be decorated during Easter. Intrigued? Keep reading to see how to make your own and incorporate them into your Halloween traditions 🙂 I promise they are sure to be crowd pleasers!

How to make Halloween Cascarones (confetti eggs)!

Didn’t they come out cute?? And they are so easy to make 🙂

Hollwed out eggs
Tissue paper
Egg filling (your choice of confetti, shredded paper, glitter, flour, etc.)
1 tsp.Vinegar
1/2 cup Boiling water
Food coloring

How To:
Carefully tap the large (bottom) end of the egg on a bowl (or use a spoon to create a small crack).

It should look like this when cracked.

Now carefully peel the eggshell from the egg to create a quarter sized hole.

Shake the contents out of your egg into a bowl. Use for your desired purpose (pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc.) Don’t forget to rinse the eggshell under running water to clean it out! If you’re planning on making several dozen of these eggs for a party, you may need to start saving these eggshells a couple months in advance. We keep them in an empty egg container on the counter.
I only needed a few eggs for this activity, so I went straight to the next step: Dyeing the eggs.
If you’ve ever dyed Easter eggs, this is the exact same process. Simply combine the boiling water, vinegar, and food coloring in a cup and dunk your eggs. Since these eggs are hollow, they have a tendency to float. Just push them down (they will fill with the colored water mixture) and they’ll stay put.

You may need to add more food coloring as you dye your eggs since the eggs will each soak up a portion of the coloring.

Set out the eggs to dry. Once they are fully dry, take a sharpie and decorate as you please. My toddlers are too young to be involved in making the cascarones, but older kids would love helping out!

Next, you’re ready to fill your eggs! Out of convenience, I used shredded paper. It works great for this activity, but if you’re planning on smashing the eggs on people’s heads (FUN!!) you may want to consider using confetti.
Once your eggs are sufficiently stuffed, cut a small square of tissue paper and glue it to the opening of your egg. This will keep the surprise filling nice and hidden until the desired time 🙂
At this point you’re pretty much ready to play with the eggs! You can hide them and make a fun searching game, cracking on unsuspecting person’s heads 😉 Or you can do what we did- offer them to toddlers with a toy hammer and let them loose!
Make Halloween Cascarones (confetti eggs)

Smash Smash Smash!
Ya, This is going to be a new Halloween tradition. We’ll call it, “Smashing Pumpkins” 😉
Have fun making your own!


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