Mother hood can be a lonely place sometimes. Whether you are dealing with physical loneliness (nobody around to talk to), or emotional loneliness (nobody to talk to who can relate to you), you were not meant to be alone! However, when you’re a single parent in particular, and you’ve lost that companionship in a past partner, living alone with your children can be difficult. The loneliness can come in many forms; mental, emotional, and even sexual loneliness. However, there’s always a solution to these lonely days, whether that be calling up a loved one, or using toys or a sex doll as a great alternative to a partner. And now, you’ve got a community of moms you can relate to! God created us for companionship and fellowship with Him first, and also with one another. It is for this reason that I want to engage this community of moms who can all relate to one another! If you’re reading this blog, you likely already have a ton in common!

  • You are a mother (and a fantastic one at that!)
  • You enjoy engaging in fun activities with your kids.
  • You likely have toddlers or preschoolers at home.
  • You may be a stay at home mom (though this is definitely not the case with all mt readers, and I respect that!)
  • You may be considering homeschooling, home preschool, or tot school.

Are you ready to connect with moms who you can relate to? Who have kids around the same age as you and like to love, play, and learn with them? I’m hoping you’re saying a resounding YES! right now 🙂 If so, please keep reading and choose one (or all!) of the ways to connect with moms just like you!

Munchkins and Moms Facebook Page
This is a place where I share activities and articles which we can relate to. Some are from my blog, but many are from other great minds looking to be an encouragement to you as well. What you might not know is there is a small forum (look for it on the left titled “posts to page”) where many bloggers share their activities with me, but it also a forum for YOU. Ask questions to other readers, drop a funny meme, Share an inspirational word, or give us a glimpse into the activities you are doing today! Stop by and chat here a bit!

Homeschooling Preschoolers Facebook Group
Are you thinking of homeschooling your preschooler? Would you like to connect with other moms to ask questions and get encouragement? Then this is the place for you! This growing community of moms would love to meet you, so stop by, introduce yourself, and get the discussions rolling!

#MunchkinsAndMoms on Instagram
I have to admit, I loooovvveee Instagram! I started this hashtag for readers to connect with one another in kids activities, homeschooling support, mom encouragement, and as a general way to get to know one another better 🙂 Search the hashtag, use the hashtag, and meet some great mommies out there! Feel free to even create your own if you want to! You could use an instagram hashtag generator or think of something yourself but as long as it brings people together, it’ll work!

Have you clicked on all the links above? Don’t procrastinate, do it before leaving this page! Then start making those connections and being an encouragement to other mommies who are just waiting to get to know YOU 🙂

Looking forward to connecting soon,

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