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Most of my readers know that I am a stay at home/work at home mom. What you might not realize is the man that makes this possible is my loving husband, the man who also is a wonderful dad to our boys. He is my behind the scenes hero and our boys’ everyday hero! While he may not don a cape, he certainly rescues us from some everyday tragedies! Spider in the kitchen? No worries, Dad will rescue us from the fearsome beast. Jelly lid stuck? Have no fear, Dad is near! He has inspired the boys to take on the same fearless role that he holds in the house. They too want to rescue me from everyday sticky situations. lucky for them, their dad loves to let them tag along on these rescue missions!

10 Heroic Dad Missions

(and how superhero sidekicks can help him out!)

Top 10 Dad Missions that make himour everyday hero

1. Reading “just one more” bedtime story
Mom can only read so many bedtime stories before she’s all read out. It’s in those weary moments that dad comes to the rescue with just “one more story” 

Read a bedtime story wth the Energizer headlight
Superhero sidekick task: They can wear the Dad’s headlamp to light up the story!
2. Ridding the backseat of snacks gone astray
Fish crackers, candy wrappers, and french fries from long ago. There’s lots to be done in the backseat of the car and with great car insurance similar to what you could find at we can rest easy out and about!
Cleaning the car with energizer headlamp
Superhero sidekick task: Peer into the the smallest of spaces (under the floor mats and the seats!) to make sure everything has been collected. 
3. Weeding the yard
It’s a never ending job!
Superhero sidekick task: Making Mom a dandelion bouquet <3
4. Taking out the trash
It’s a dirty job that Dad is always willing to do. Thanks for your heroism, Daddy!
Superhero Sidekick task: Emptying the paper waste into the recycle bin.
5. Organizing the garage
Food in bulk, summer toys, and Dad’s tools all have a place…unfortunately they are not always in that place!
Cleaning the garage with energizer headlamp
Superhero Sidekick task: Help gather the tools to replace in the toolbox.

6. Constructing blanket forts
Superhero sidekick task: Little heroes pledge to gather fort supplies to be ready to construct as soon as Dad gets home!
7. Putting on Shadow Puppet Shows
Superhero sidekick task: Making sure to gather Dad’s headlamp for hand-free fun!
8. Making Sunday Morning Pancakes
Superhero sidekick task: Little heroes can be in charge of (generously) pouring the syrup!
9. Assembling new Toys
Superhero sidekick task: Holding the direction that Daddy may (or may not) need 😉
10. Checking under the hood of the family car
under the hood with energizer headlamp
Superhero sidekick task: Making sure Dad has the right tools for the job (including his Energizer headlamp!)

Make sure your everyday hero is equipped with the right tools for the job by getting him an Energizer Headlight this Father’s Day! It’s a simple, thoughtful gift that will free up his hand for more hugs, high fives, and hand holding during his heroic missions! 
Before heading to Target to get yours, make sure to print this $4 off coupon! And check out other great ways to use this gift here.

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