I am a stay at home mom.
I am blessed by the opportunity to be able to care for my kids
All day.
Every day.
24 hours a day.
7 days a week…

OK..so I get tired sometimes. Actually-exhausted is a better word for it. Taking care of children is difficult at times, so I do get tired. Of course, all other moms will understand what I mean. Things can be overwhelming sometimes and you can get extremely tired. To try and prevent this, I have been looking into total restore reviews as they are supposed to improve gut lining and eliminate tiredness. Maybe that will help some mothers. Anyway, this pretty much sums up my day:

I swear someone took a picture of me and sketched it out just for this cartoon. The messy bun (and not the “cute” messy bun that’s all over Pinterest, a REAL messy bun that is complete with baby spit up 72% of the time). The pajamas (Sometimes I change it up and put on yoga clothes to make me feel more “dressed”). The screaming naked baby in one arm and the angry toddler pulling at my leg. It can be extremely overwhelming sometimes, however, you just get on with it. I always look forward to the evening, when both kids are sleeping and I get a couple of hours to myself. In these hours, I will sometimes take a nice bath to try and de-stress. To do this, I will use wholesale cbd bath bombs to release some calming energy. My friend actually told me about those bath bombs. She’s even thought about selling some herself to help other busy mothers to relax after a long day.

I have noticed a few other things that keep me sane though. I thought maybe they can help encourage a few other stay-at-home moms.

Tips for a better day with your kids?

1. Get out of the house. Maybe not every day, but a few times a week. Visit friends, go to the park. Enjoy life outside of your four walls 🙂

Getting out of the house with kids
I know this can be VERY intimidating with more than one child. I understand. I have a toddler (18 months) and an infant (6 months). I was petrified to take them both out to the park/library/museum. But now I do it at least once a week! Here are my tips for getting out:
* Invest in a good baby carrier. I have an Ergo and LOVE it! I can strap Cannon to my back while feeding Hunter a bottle, or I can put it on front while hunter naps and Cannon explores. The best part: I don’t even have to make a single adjustment for switching kids in it- it somehow magically works for both of them! Total lifesaver!
* Go out with other moms. They understand what you’re going through and are always willing to lend a helping hand. If you and your mom friends are interested, you could even set up a relaxing spa date for yourselves (without the kids maybe) and try out soothing products from the likes of Lazarus Naturals that could aid all of you in de-stressing. Taking some time out can help you recharge and spend your time with kids happily without getting burnt out. I actually created a mommy group on meetup.com and I would highly recommend joining one or starting your own! They are such an encouragement and I love spending time with them and their munchkins 🙂
* Have reasonable expectations for your children. I KNOW I can’t be out for more than two hours at a time before chaos starts in. And I KNOW my toddler is extremely active and curious. Yes, he twists out of my hand, runs away, and just loves to remove articles of clothing…But expecting this to happen somehow makes it easier. And the reward of seeing him playing with other toddlers or examining a piece of art is worth it. Sometimes it looks like he’s getting nothing out of it (he rarely pays attention to stories at story time in the library), but I have to be encouraged that this is a process. And its worth it 🙂
(My son is the one with no pants running away in the distance!)

2. Have a schedule. I know there is NO way to perfectly stick to a schedule, but at least have an idea of how your day should go. Be intentional. Know the times your little ones are likely to meltdown and plan around it as best as possible.

3. Read my Bible. While this might not be of interest to everyone, it definitely helps me. I admittedly need to be more consistent in this area, God’s word gives me encouragement and peace that I get from nowhere else. I need to make it a priority to spend quiet time with Him (even if it’s just a minute at a time. He will meet me there!)

I’d love to know some of your tips! How do you stay sane when life seems chaotic?