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Did you happen to see the Nature Suncatcher we made for our reading nook last week? I really loved how pretty it (still!) looks in our window. It got me thinking of other ways we could have some fun  decorating our windows- and out of that curiosity came Spaghetti Window Art!

Do you ever toss a spaghetti noodle onto a wall to see if it is done cooking? I don’t know if this is a real technique, but I always do it when I make spaghetti. When I was think of ways to play with my boys today, I knew this would work! So I made some rainbow spaghetti using the super simple recipe below:
Rainbow Spaghetti
Boil a pot of water. Toss in your desired amount of noodles (I would not recommend putting oil in the water, as you want your noodles to be sticky for this project). Once the noodles are cooked (feel free to toss one against your wall to check 😉 Separate them into plastic bags and drop in your desired food colorings. I like to use Wilton’s Gel Food Coloring because I feel like the colors are more vibrant). 
Then let the fun begin!! I took my boys outside and set the noodles in a tray beside them. 
At first, they just explore the pasta like a sensory material. They mixed and squished and even tasted it! 
I finally decided to show them how to use the spaghetti to make fun window art.
They were thrilled to see the noodles stick to the window! They started to make their own beautiful, abstract window art with me: 

It was a fun way to start our morning- we can’t wait to see what other creative endeavors the day brings us! 
Note for cleaning up:
The pasta cleans up easily when hosed down with water. If there is also pasta on the cement (which is almost a guarantee) hose the concrete down and use a stiff bristled push-broom to sweep it up.