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Do you want to melt a snowman?  |  Super cool sensory activity that would work for toddlers and preschoolers!
We have a lack of real winter weather where we live. No snow, frost, or even rain. So all the “winter” weather my boys experience are manufactured (fake snow at local events around town). Consequently, I thought I’d manufacture my own winter sensory experience for them!

I used three round containers and filled them with the snowman supplies and glitter.
Next, I put just enough water to cover the snowman parts and put them in the freezer for 24 hours.
The next day I just popped them out of the containers and admired them a bit before my boys took to it!
Do you want to melt a snowman? Sensory Activity
So many lovely textures to explore! Smooth ice, grainy salt (added to simulate snow), bumpy ice (since the snowman parts were trapped inside the ice, it gave the ice an interesting texture as they poked through).

Cannon knew exactly what to do with this snowman!
Pouring water and smashing away (He has lots of experience smashing things! See these posts on smashing cascarones here and here). Since I couldn’t find my turkey baster, I just provided Cannon with a small container to pour and transfer water with. I think using a turkey baster where he squeezes the bulb would be a great addition to the activity though!
Once the snowman was mostly melted, I provided three small containers to gather the materials in. This gave us an opportunity to group, sort and talk about the parts of the snowman he found!
Snowman sensory activity | Sensory experience and sorting practice!
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