“I will not eat them on a train, I will not eat them in the rain!”

Have you read Green Eggs and Ham to your kids yet? If not, March 2nd is a great day to do it since it is Dr. Seuss’ birthday/ Read Across America Day! If you’re a homeschool mom, grab your preschool planner and pencil in a few ideas for March 2nd, including reading Green Eggs and Ham and doing this easy painting activity 🙂

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Wine cork

Green paint

Black marker

White paper

Using a black marker, I drew egg-white shaped blobs onto the white paper. They kind of look like cow spots, don’t they?

Next, I put some green paint in a dish and placed a cork in it. I invited my three year old over to add green egg yolks to the egg whites drawn on the paper (side note- he was pretty happy to do this since he’s allergic to eggs and this is as close to them as he typically gets 😉 ). The corks were the perfect size to make the painted yolks!

While this seems like a simple/straight forward art activity, there is much more going on than meets the eye:

  • One to one correspondence (count each egg as they paint)
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Fine motor practice (grasping the cork and manipulating it)

This simple activity can be prepped in less than a minute and can even be set up for an entire class in no time at all!

Other ways to modify this activity include:

  • Add alphabet letters to each egg white. Have students say the letter or letter sound as they stamp it.
  • Use do-a-dot stamps instead of wine corks.

Watch our video on how this activity comes together:

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