Toddlers and pre-schoolers love playing hide and seek. Part of the appeal is they are still internalizing the concept of object permanence. Educating children of this age is a completely different process than those of school age, and requires a totally different mindset from the teacher. It can be so rewarding to help them to develop their most basic skills, and in addition to this article there are more helpful resources for early childhood education teachers if you need some support when it comes to knowing how to do this. My son is no exception to the joys of hide and seek, he will play by covering up with a towel, closing his eyes, or hiding a toy. The way he giggles when I uncover the  hidden object is absolutely priceless. I wish I could just bottle up that laughter and open it on grumpy days! His enjoyment of this simple game inspired me to give it a fun twist:

* Yarn
* Teddy Bear (or any dearly loved stuffed animal)

*Tie one end of the yarn to the stuffed animal’s arm and hide it somewhere in the house.
*String the yarn around various parts of the house: around doorknobs, under tables and chairs, over sofas, etc.
*When you think you’ve woven an elaborate enough maze, give the other end of the yarn to your toddler/pre-schooler and let him follow it!

My son immediately knew what to do. He gathered and followed the yarn from doorknobs, under tables, and through bedrooms until he finally found his teddy!!
?If you want to extend the activity, have your munchkin try hiding the teddy while you follow the yarn trail to recover it. This is sure to be a favorite activity for a long time!
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